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In order to be on our official wait list you will need to fill out a deposit contract and mail it along with a deposit to hold you place in line for a pup. Our deposit to hold a pup is $400 and the deposit is non refundable but it can be transfered to another litter if needed. We take checks for deposits.  You may use Paypal however you would need to add a 4% surcharge for this service.  

Your pick in puppy order is determined by when we receive your deposit as well as what your are wanting in a pup. 

Please know I always reserve first pick for myself or co-owner of the litter.  Not everybody on the wait list will want the same things because all families are different so what YOU think is the best pup in the litter will not be the same as what others think is the best for them.  This dog will be around for a long time so you need to be sure to pick a pup that you can live with more than a "cute color" or markings.   We strive to breed well rounded dogs with great temperaments that will adapt to thier new home.  Years of breeding and knowing my lines we strive to produce certain traits, I like lines that are consistant and lines with the temperaments that G Force pups are known for. 

So here is what we do.  Once the pups are around 3-4 weeks old I start watching and going over temperaments and then start letting puppy buyers know what pup has what temperament.  Based on what you tell me you are looking for I can help you make an educated decision on which pup would work for you.  You really want to make sure you think of your future with the pup and what temperament you want more than which pup is marked a certain way.  You will be living with this pup for many years and color changes and so do looks... keep that in mind. 

Also please understand that just because we breed a female does NOT mean that she will get pregnant or that we will have a certain number of pups.  So if you put a deposit down on a puppy it may be a year or more before we have a pup like you want.   We are not a large kennel with a dozen girls that we breed.  We are a small kennel so we do not produce a large number of pups a year.  We can't guarantee a litter will be here that is up to mother nature .   If you want a pup at a certain time only then do not put a deposit but instead wait until we have pups on the ground. 

We will not take deposits on eye color. 
If you feel you need specific eye color please understand that eye color can change and is often not known until pups are 6 weeks or older.  Eye color in merles can changed after 8 weeks and may marble out or even go brown later.  Pups carrying blue or who are blue will have eyes that may change later too.  Gold pups who are merles can have eyes marble out as well. 
I DO NOT guarantee eye color ever nor do we sell based on eye color.   If eye color is very important to you then we will be be the right breeder for you.  There are many breeders who will take a deposit on eye color so if eye color is important to you I would suggest you put a deposit down that one of those breeders.