Mini Border Collies???





With people wanting to customize everything possible it seems even Border Collies are subject to fads. Lately people have been asking breeders for Miniature Border Collies. Let me be the one to burst the bubble and say that there is no such thing as a Miniature Border Collie. There are small Border Collies but they are not miniature dogs they are just small. Take those small dogs and breed them to the average Border Collie and you are still going to get average Border Collies. You could even breed two small Border Collies and still get average dogs. Unless a breeders has been breeding generation after generation of the small type of BC's it isn't possible to predict just how “small” the pups will end up. Now having said this why would a person want a miniature Border Collie? Even if a BC is small it is still a BORDER COLLIE just in a smaller body so it is still going to need the same amount of room to run, the same amount of exercise, the same everything so why the smaller size? Border Collies are a medium size dog not miniature. If you are still wanting a smaller dog maybe the BC isn't for you and you should consider a smaller breed.