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**I reserve the right to refuse sale.  ~~Trish  Facebook page
Breeder with over 20 years experience breeding Border Collies for performance, herding, and active family pets. 

How to put down a deposit  

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I do require a deposit to hold your spot and reserve a puppy.  I will not hold a spot based on an email or phone call. 
I do not have pups for sale year round so if you put a deposit down it may be awhile before I have any pups available. 
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If you are here you are probably trying to make the decision about where to get your next Border Collie puppy.  

         I understand this is a big decision and it is personal for each family.  I feel it is important to pick a puppy who will fit in with your living situation and pick a puppy from a breeder who does all they can to give the pup the best start. If you invest your time in finding the right pup it will save you heartache in the long run.  Don't forget to do your homework and learn about the breed and how the breeder does things before you get a puppy. 

Why are Border Collie prices all over the charts? 

I think you will find it is based on experience and what the breeder is breeding for.  For me it is because of the years of experience in finding pedigrees, health testing, knowing temperaments, knowing structure, and knowing how to raise pups in an enviorment that allows the pup to get the right start in life.  My pups are not kennel or barn raised dogs they are raised to be in your home, around your family and around all the daily things a family pet would encounter.  I have raised pups in my house around my family for over 19 years now and honestly feel this is the best way to get great temperaments.  I raise my pups for others the way I would want a pup raised for myself.  I believe in the "right" start for pups and know the importance of the first 8 weeks.  I pride myself in helping puppy buyers out after the sell and love keeping in touch and seeing how my pups are doing in their new homes.  I am not new to this breed and have maintained my kennel my way for over 19 years and have no plans to stop raising Border Collies.  There have been many changes in 19 years and I have learned and been able to adapt and change as new discoveries have came to light in this breed in everything from DNA testing to learning the vets were a bit off on a few things and how things were passed on years ago.  But as with anything we grow and adapt and find new and better ways of doing things and always strive to learn and better the breed.   I am not out to produce only conformation champions, although there is nothing wrong with that it is just not my thing. I prefer to produce active family members who are able to be performance champions who do well in agility, flyball, obedience, herding, as well as active family companions.  My pups are known for temperament and that is what we pride ourselves on. 

What do I breed for? 

I strive to produce an all around puppy . I want to produce a puppy who will be able to live with your family and also a performance prospect for any venue you choose to enter with your puppy.   Great temperaments will always will be number one goal, because if you can't live with the pup nothing else matters.  My puppies are born in my home and raised around my children.  G Force pups are exposed to daily living and all of the sights and smells that go along with living in a home.  Puppies are paper trained when they leave here, crate training is started, leash training is started, they are bathed regularly, nails clipped, and manners are started.  I strive to produce a litter of puppies that have great temperaments, are happy to be in a home with kids, social, easily trained and well rounded.  Breeding certain lines which are known for sound great temperaments makes a difference.  Consistancy matters!  I work with the pups daily and in many various ways to produce well rounded pups who will fit into your family situation. If I feel a pup need more work in certain areas then thats what I do.  I do NOT believe in leaving pups in an activity pen to let them simply explore life and and play with toys and not people.  Yes, learning toys and sounds is great but pups need HUMAN time too. Pups need to be handled by people and live in and around the family to help them transition into your family! 

I will always take the dog back. No exceptions so there is no excuse for any of my pups to end up in a shelter or rescue group.
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Thank you

We have a litter due in Jan of 2018

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