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I am very proud of our dogs and I take great pride in the puppies we have produced.    I believe breeding healthy puppies with good temperaments is only the beginning.  It is my goal to produce puppies that are nice family pets as well as great performance dogs too. I do all that I can to insure a good start in life for my puppies and also try to find the best home for each individual puppy. 

I started in the dog world as a child showing in conformation and my love of the dog world has only grown with each day.  I try to always stay on top of all of the latest health testing, training methods and anything else I can find out to help my dogs and puppies. 

 I love to talk to people about Border Collies so if you do give me a call don't expect to get off the phone very quickly.  I am a typical southern woman and I am a talker. 

Please browse my site and if you have any questions please let me know. 

 Border Collie breeding and training kennel that produces a small amount of pups per year. I believe it takes more than a good pedigree to
produce quality pups. My goal is to produce not only well bred dogs, but dogs that are a joy to live with no matter what you choose to do with
your dog. I believe breeding healthy dogs with excellent temperaments is only the beginning. A breeder should be responsible for the pups
from the time he/she breeds the parents. It is the breeders job to see to it that the dam is properly cared for not only during the pregnancy but
before, during and after pregnancy. A breeder should also see to it that the pups have the best start possible in life. Pups should be socialized
from day one with the family and handling should continue the whole time the pup is at the breeders. Pups should be exposed to not only
adults but children, animals, various surfaces, noises and more. The more a breeder does with a pup the easier it will be for that pup to handle
whatever his future living situation will be. (herding home, agility, obedience, family ....) I offer continued training advice and help for the life
of my pups and even rescues. I believe there is more to a BC than a pretty face and feel people should place pups in homes that fit each
pups individual temperament. My goal is not to rush pups in and out of here but to find the best homes I can no matter how long it may
take. (for pups and rescue dogs)  I give a written health guarantee on my pups and require a contract
be signed prior to purchase. If for any reason you can no longer keep your pup I require that the pup be returned so we can find it a quality
home. Our pups are born in our homes, handled daily, desensitized, socialized (with kids, adults and other animals), temperament tested,
vaccinated, wormed, started with basic manners, crate training started, and more. I expose our dogs to various situations such as walking
on a loose lead, no jumping, crate training, taking a bath, grooming, nail clippings, various toys, Very LOUD noises, clickers, hand feedings
and more) When my pups leave we want them to be outgoing and ready for the new life that awaits them. If you would like more details on how
I do not price puppies based on color and do not agree with breeders who do. I do require a written
contract for our pups. This is not only for our protection but also the protection of the pup and the puppy buyer. I do not sell to people who
I do not get to at least speak to on the phone so if you are really interested in a pup you can either forward you phone number or call
anytime. I do not sell to puppy mills or mass producers so if you are a person who falls into that category (you know if you do) I will not
sell any of our pups to you. I will only sell breeding dogs to responsible breeders. 

 I will take back any of our pups, adult dogs, or rescues if you are unable to keep them for whatever reason. ALWAYS Remember I believe the sale of a pup doesn't end our relationship. I offer a lifetime of training help and
support for all of our puppies. I want to help in any way we can just give me a call.

G Force Border Collies 337-353-5238
~~~~~~~~~~~Trish Goodwin