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G Force Border Collies
I am in Louisiana, central time zone, please no calls after 9:30 PM.
If I miss your call please leave me a message and I will return your call asap. I do not answer blocked numbers and I do not return sales calls. 
Most calls on Sunday will be returned on Monday.
Please call or text me at  337-353-5238 ( Trish )

Border Collies
I am located between Many and Natchitoches. 

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    Border Collie with kids

Border Collie puppy

blue merle and gold border collie

G Force Border Collies

black and white border collie

Nevaeh is such a love..
 About the humans at G Force and how our dogs are started Dogs Puppies for sale! How G Force puppies are raised
We had 7 pups born on 11/13/2015

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Border Collies and kids? Will it work?  Border Collies and children!  
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Border Collie Colors
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gold border collie and child

merle border collie
"Peek a boo.. where is the  puppy?"

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Breeding Border Collies for over 18 years.  Producer of versatile Border Collies that can do it all. I believe without a good temperament nothing else matters. No matter what you choose to do with your dog if the temperament is bad you will never have a great dog. I believe raising puppies in a family environment, and around as many "normal" family situations as possible, will benefit the puppy in the long run. I feel it is the job of a breeder to socialize, desensitize, give the puppies the best start in life, and do all a breeder can, to insure the best start possible. Our Border Collie pups are born in my home, raised around the family, taken on car rides, crate training is started, puppies are groomed, nails clipped, are exposed to cats and more.
(Please click here to learn more) I make sure puppies have a great start from day one with children, as well as other animals. It is my goal to produce puppies that are great family pets, as well as performance prospects for the novice or the professional dog trainer. I truely believe in the well rounded Border Collie.
I believe that producing healthy puppies is important and I breed dogs who are health checked prior to breeding. Our dogs are from American lines, English lines, Australian lines and Scottish lines. Our dogs are AKC registered or ABCA registered, some are both.

I have a deposit contract for those who want to get on a wait list for a litter and who don't mind waiting on the perfect pup. I also require a sales contract on all of our puppies. I want buyers to know what I expect of them, and what they can expect from me. If for any reason you can no longer keep the dog you got from me, be it a 3 month old puppy or a 15 year old dog, I will always take the dog back. No exceptions. My puppy contract requires the pup/dog be returned to me no matter what. I offer a guarantee/warranty on our puppies. 

Please check back to my site often because I am always changing it and updating. If you have any questions about my dogs, training information or upcoming litter information give me a call or e-mail. Please browse my site and check out my dog photos, previous puppies, Border Collie training tips, links, color information as I have photos of a lot of the colors Border Collies come in.  I love taking photos of my puppies so some of the pages will take longer to load with all of the photos.

G Force is located in Louisiana but we are a short drive to Texas. 
  Red merle border collie stud 

(This is Duke our Ridgeback boy who is a playmate to our Border Collies and our pups)

~~Trish   337-353-5238  
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central time so please no calls after 9:30 PM

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The puppy is a G Force puppy and out of our girl Suzi. 

I was so excited when Star's owner sent me this video and then loaded it to Youtube