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Border Collie breeder for over 20 years!
    Louisiana Border Collie breeder of over 20 years.   
G Force Border Collies
  Border Collie breeder located in Louisiana.  I have rasied Border Collies for over 22 years now and I hope you enjoy the site.  Please note. The puppy photos on this page may be previous pups produced and not puppies that are for sale at this time.  To see our current pups please go to my Puppies for sale page below.  ~~Trish 
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We have pups!!!
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We have a young adult dogs for sale at this time (one year olds)
We also have a few adult breeding dogs for sale or on co-ownership terms at this time. 
These dogs are health tested, proven producers of performance champions.
These dogs are for sale to established breeders who also health test breeding dogs. 

**Huge congratulations to Robin Terry and G Force Cassie for their wins at the 2018 AKC National Agility Championship. 
First winning a 1st place in ISC 24" which qualified them for Worlds in Austria.  They then went on to win again and became the 2018 Amerian Kennel Club 20" Agility National Champions!   Yes you read that right they won the 2018 AKC National Agility Championship!   That is huge and I am so very proud of all that they have accomplished!

I am so happy for Robin and Cassie, they have worked so hard for this.  I am blessed that Robin has kept me up to date with all of Cassies wins over the years, as well as Cassie's off the course adventures with Robin. These two are perfect together on and off the field at that is what it is all about. 
2018  AKC National Agility Champion 21 inch G Force Cassie

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Border Collie puppy

G Force Border Collies

Please do not copy any text or photos off my website.
I have been breeding Border Collies for over 22 years and have been fortunate enough to have great dogs and produced awesome pups over the years. I believe without a good temperament nothing else matters. No matter what you choose to do with your dog if the temperament is bad you will never have a great dog.  I believe that raising puppies in a family environment, around as many "normal" family situations as possible, will benefit the puppy in the long run. I feel it is the job of a breeder to socialize, desensitize, give the puppies the best start in life, and do all a breeder can, to insure the best start possible. Our Border Collie pups are born in my home, raised around the family, taken on car rides, crate training is started, puppies are groomed, nails clipped, are exposed to cats, paper training started and more. (Please click here to learn more) 
 It is my goal to produce puppies that are great family pets, as well as performance prospects for the novice or the professional dog trainer. I truely believe in the well rounded Border Collie.
I believe that producing healthy puppies is important and I breed dofgs who are health checked prior to breeding. Our dogs are from American lines, English lines, Australian lines and Scottish lines. Our dogs are AKC registered or ABCA registered, some are both.

If for any reason you can no longer keep the dog you got from me, be it a 9 month old puppy or a 15 year old dog, I will always take the dog back. No exceptions.  

Please check back to my site often because I am always changing it and updating. If you have any questions about my dogs, training information or upcoming litter information give me a call or e-mail. Please browse my site and check out my dog photos, previous puppies, Border Collie training tips, links, color information as I have photos of a lot of the colors Border Collies come in.  I love taking photos of my puppies so some of the pages will take longer to load with all of the photos. 

When I started in Border Collies a website was the best and easiest way to show puppy photos and photos of my dogs but as the times have changed I have found it much easier to load photos on facebook.  With my phone I can quickly load photos to facebook so photos tend to load to facebook faster and more often than my website. 

Look to your left for more topics and pages to view.  

You can call, text, email or message on my G Force Border Collies page on facebook.
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G Force is located in Louisiana but we are a short drive across the Texas line. 

  ABCA Red merle border collie stud 

(This is Duke our Ridgeback boy who is a playmate to our Border Collies and our pups)

Don't tell God how big your storm is.
Tell the storm how big your God is.

How smart are Border Collies? 
This is a puppy I sold, named Star. Her owner sent me this video and then posted it on youtube.